KROWSWORK is a gallery in Oakland, California, known for its ambitious, experimental programming focusing on video and visionary art. Established in 2009, the gallery shows a wide range of artists who are united by their palpable engagement with and channeling of transcendent, unseen forces—whether spiritual, natural, social, or technological in nature—that inform our humanity. With this approach, Krowswork reflects an ever-changing, 21st-century zeitgeist that is still directly allied with the original reasons that humans began to make art.

Krowswork’s shows have taken many forms, from solo and group exhibitions of emerging and mid-career artists to ambitious video and performance programs. In 2015 the gallery began a residency to promote a more active, community-engaged view of the creative process. Krowswork has also organized several exhibitions by older, lesser-known artists who followed their own path and arrived at a truly profound vision, including retrospectives of Surrealist artist Sylvia Fein (2014) and visionary painter Mark Baum (2016). The gallery published scholarly catalogues to accompany both exhibitions. Krowswork has garnered consistent critical acclaim, with reviews in Art in America, Art Ltd., San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, SFAQ, and many others.

Founder and director Jasmine Moorhead holds a B.A. in History of Art (1996) from Yale University, where she focused on both modern & contemporary art as well as African art and art from the African Diaspora. Following college, she studied pottery in a village in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, under the guidance of Koua Aya. The daughter of two artists, Jasmine has worked at number of museums and galleries including The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Dia Center for the Arts, and is also the author of numerous catalogue essays and articles. In citing Krowswork as best East Bay gallery in 2013, critic Alex Bigman wrote: “Few have presented a directorial sensibility as focused and bold — or stuck to it so steadfastly.”

Krowswork is named for crows, observant and fearless messengers whose unique perspective helps to bridge the earthly and the divine and reconnect the known with the unknown. Krowswork is a palindrome.


Krowswork, which for 7 years--from December of 2009 to December 2016--was located at 480 23rd Street in Oakland, California, has recently dematerialized as it waits for its next form. Please sign up for the mailing list through our "About Page". Krowswork continues to represent the Estate of Mark Baum, and founder and director Jasmine Moorhead continues her work as a private dealer and independent curator.



photo by Lindsay McCrum