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Part Four: Maya Songbird: BE A KID AGAIN

Saturday, January 24, 12-5

Bay Area legend in the making, songsmith, high priestess, gentle witch, voice of change. Join us as we imagine what it was like to be a kid again. Singing, performance, storytelling, and fun all day. The joyful celebration of a month of medicine work. Come play with us!

Part Three: Listening to Ancestors

Saturday, January, 17, 12-5

All day: Visionary drawings and paintings by DeCoy Gallerina and Robert Beier on view

At 1pm: Robert Beier will talk about his work with Shipibo shamanism and play icaros (healing songs) recorded during his study in Peru over the last two years.

3-5: DeCoy Gallerina, a member of the Chiricahua Nde (known as Apache) tribe, is an artist, a storyteller, and a musician. She will tell stories and sing, along with her group ALALA.


Part One: Walking Meditation

This Friday January 2nd, from 5-9, and Saturday January 3rd, from 12-6, we celebrate the potential for change and love in the New Year with a WALKING MEDITATION at Krowswork.

Join us to walk clockwise around the walls of the empty gallery space with a meditation soundtrack provided by invited Bay Area artists, poets, musicians, and healers:

Alala: DeCoy Gallerina, Miguel Garcia, Rudradeep Chakrabarti
Aja Archuleta
Robert Beier
Duane Deterville
Heidi DeVries
Micah Hobbes Frazier
Guillermo Gallindo
Natta Haotzima
Carrie Hott
Sasha Kelley
Kadet Kuhne & Hilary Reed
Paloma Modupe
Jasmine Moorhead
Queens D-Light
Maritza Ruiz-Kim
Anne Lesley Selcer
Mary Hull Webster
Michael Zheng
Laura Zuspan


Part Two: Personal Purges

Saturday, January, 10, 12-5

Jasmine Moorhead, curator of Krowswork, takes up a one-day residency.

1) Jasmine will dj a series of vimeo videos about purging.

2) She also will live-write an essay about two photographs her young white mother mother took 30 years ago this weekend in the Clarksdale, MS, drug store owned by black civil rights leader Aaron Henry.

-Aaron Henry a medicine man.

-Questions of race and photography.

-What those photographs mean then and now.

3)THERE WILL ALSO BE A MATERIAL PURGE--lots of FREE frames, wood, supplies, and books to be given away.