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SHIPIBO TEXTILE WORKSHOP: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 11-5PM: $150

Shipibo cloth




JOIN Jasmine Moorhead, director of Krowswork, for this very special Shipibo textile design workshop. Jasmine will explain the natural dyes and visionary patterns used by the women painters of the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon basin. This is the second time Jasmine will offer this class, and is now expanded to include further discussion of more of the philosophy behind these designs.

Shipibo tapestries are representations of songs (icaros) whose designs represent different medicinal plants. This workshop will include basic outlining of the Shipibo cosmology that are represented in these designs, playing of different icaros from recordings, as well as practical design and dyeing techniques.

We will use actual natural dye from the Amazon, and plenty of organic cotton will be provided.
But also feel free to bring your own material or clothing as well. (Once set this dye is color fast and can be machine-washed.)

$150 (includes materials and tea!)

Email: to register. Class will take place in Mendocino County. Please contact us for exact location.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

Shipibo textile closeup