Classic Rock

Summer of Video Art 2012 -
Futuring the Past, Pasting the Future


August 3 - 25th, 2012; opening reception First Friday, August 3rd, 6-9 pm; special events Friday August 17th, and Friday, August 24th, 8pm.

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Krowswork is very pleased to present its 2nd Annual Summer of Video Art. This year's edition includes work by Anne McGuire & Karla Milosevich, Liz Walsh, Torsten Zenas Burns, Christine Ancalmo, Sofia Cordova, Dickson Schneider, Will Erokan, Evie Leder, Farley Gwazda, Julia Litman-Cleper, and Paul Clipson. The gallery part of the exhibition will be on view throughout the month of August.

SOVA will also feature two special screenings. The first one on Friday August 17th, at 8pm, will include work by Dale Hoyt, Michael Deane, and Julia Vering. The second screening/live performance, on Friday August 24th, at 8pm, will include work by Claire Evans, Ronnie Bass, Kim Collmer, and others and live music/video by John Davis, Collin McKelvey (Orbless), and Derek Gedalecia (Headboggle). SEE BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS


Classic Rock
McGuire and Milosevich explore coincidence in their collaborative installation "Classic Rock." Scott Hewicker: describes the work cryptically: "A puzzle that revolves but refuses to resolve."

Liz Walsh
Liz Walsh will live video mix in the gallery

Torsten Zenas Burns
Torsten Zenas Burns will debut his 2012 video "Familiars" which re-imagines the Skinners Massachusetts Wistariahurst family house and grounds as a fictional residency program for Holyoke populated speculative entities.

Christine Ancalmo
Christine Ancalmo's darkly energetic video "Witch Doctor" which comments and integrates with pop culture and music, design, and potent energy currents will be on view.

Sofia Cordova
Sofia Cordova presents a new three-channel work, Auxillo Socorro, subtle meditations on land and presence, using sound and silence to great advantage.

Dickson Schneider

Dickson Schneider presents "Placeholders," hand-drawn QR codes which lead viewers to hand-drawn animations via their cell phones.

Will Erokan
Will Erokan presents "GiftHorse 5," a three-channel work which documents the period from 2005-2006, combining personal moments from the artist's life, whether exciting or mundane, with those of global significance.

Evie Leder
Evie Leder's "Object Number One," a disarming meditation on a floating body will be on view.

Farley Gwazda
Farley Gwazda presents "Model Earth (Part One)," which questions the ethics of scientific presentations of the world.

Julia Litman-Cleper
Julia Litman-Cleper presents "Videorgans," a video sculpture arranged anthropomorphically which also responds to passers-by.

Paul Clipson
Paul Clipson presents "She Knows," a video sculpture/sound work in which videos seem to respond to each other through the chambers of twin barrels.


Dale Hoyt

On Friday, August 17th Krowswork will feature the work of Dale Hoyt, Michael Deane, and Julia Vering. We are pleased to screen Hoyt's important 1985 work, The Complete Anne Frank (36 minutes), which is part of the collection of The Museum of Modern Art and is currently on view there. Along with Hoyt's work the program will feature Greed by Michael Deane, a sardonic look at a Western taken from behind the scenes, and Julia Vering's You Live Here Too, a performance documentation featuring video, animation, and live action. Elderly women dressed in red wigs describe their fictional store, in which they record the comings and goings of customers--recording xrays, dreams, and more. Unlike anything you've seen! This program is not to be missed.

Ronnie Bass

On Friday, August 24th, Live video/sound performances by John Davis, Collin McKelvey (Orbless), and Derek Gedalecia (Headboggle). The live performances are preceded by "Close to Cosmos," a video line-up of international makers curated by Chris Hughes, one of the most knowledgeable video art aficionados around and founder of Video Art Collector site. The program will feature work by Claire Evans, Ronnie Bass, Kim Collmer, Ohad Meromi, Aleksandra Mir, Larissa Sansour, and Maria Antelman. Screening at 8; music/live video at 9. Gallery will open at 7:30 for you to see the full exhibition.

Full screening line-up here:

Claire Evans OK TO GO 2008 5:42 Ronnie Bass 2012 2008 4:00 Ohad Meromi Moon Colony 2003 5:38 Kim Collmer Mercury Moon 2001/2012 8:03 Aleksandra Mir First Woman on the Moon 1999 13:05 Larissa Sansour A Space Exodus 2009 5:34 Maria Antelman Moonlight Serenade 2009 6:08 Courtesy THE APARTMENT, Athens, Greece