an unofficial satellite of Documenta 13
Krowswork, Oakland, June 22 – July 1, 2012
opening reception: Fri June 22, 6-9 pm
gallery hours during the show: Saturdays 1-5,
Sundays 2-4, Wed 5-8, Thurs & Fri: 2-6;
other times by appointment

Dean Smith

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What does it mean to be in a state of siege?
What does it mean to be in a state of hope?
What does it mean to be in withdrawal, in retreat?
What do I do when I am onstage, when I am performing?

–Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, curator of Documenta 13

Krowswork is pleased to announce DocumentO, an exhibition of visual art coming out of Oakland in 2012. The art included captures the energetic, radical, and creative Oakland zeitgeist. The show is organized as an unofficial satellite of Documenta 13, taking place from June 9-September 18 in Kassel, Germany. Oakland seems to be perfectly positioned to speak to the questions (above) that Documenta’s curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev posed for this year’s exhibition.

Oakland has spent much of the last year in a state of siege. And before that, and before that.

Oakland has perpetually been a source of hope for change for itself. But now, its state is as a model of what "hope" looks like in America and the world.

Oakland has spent its history in retreat. Its very nature is one of withdrawal from naming or declaring itself.

Oakland right now is being asked to perform for the world. These artists, who either live or work in Oakland, are performing Oakland.

Artists: Zarouhie Abdalian   David Wilson   Dean Smith Randy Colosky  Daniel Healey   Kelly Lynn Jones  Matthew Draving   Emma Spertus  Gabrielle Teschner  Steuart Pittman  Carrie Hott  Chris Fraser  Hillary Wiedemann  John Zurier Duane Deterville   Desiree Holman  Bessma Khalaf  RKDB  Anne Walsh  Chris Kubik  Anthony Discenza  Favianna Rodriguez  Zach Houston     Regina Clarkinia Brontez Purnell   Terri Bowden   Tracey Snelling Eesuu Orindide Chris Vargas   Greg Youmans   Adenike Amin   Ali Dadgar   Cherie Chavez   Ryan Chard Smith   Tooth   John Davis   Jesus Barraza   Melanie Cervantes   Sasha Kelley Veronica De Jesus   Laura Zuspan   Aurie Ramirez   Liz Walsh   Suzy Poling   Cybele Lyle  Packard Jennings   Frederick Alvarado  Martha Chong

Please join us on June 22, from 6-9, at the opening reception for the exhibition.

Krowswork is located at 480 23rd Street, side entrance, Oakland.

*in another mental universe whose
associations orbit outward to infinite
theory while bodies
decay in Oakland furnished rooms

-first lines of "Oakland 1961" by Alden Van Buskirk, 1961

**In the spirit of Emory Douglas: “I look at art from the creative aspect of the art and how powerful it is in the service of the interest of the people.”