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December 16-22, 2016

Opening reception Friday 12/16, 6-9pm
At 8pm: Harmonic offerings dedicated to the victims of Ghost Ship -- Using classical and improvised musical instruments and ritual objects, Georgia Carbone will guide those present through an experience of healing and release; experimental musician Joseph Angelo will present a composition for harmonium.

Saturday 12/17, join Chelsea Rushton for a yoga nidra practice at 1pm; gallery open 1-5pm

(Gallery open by appointment Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

Wednesday 12/21, Jasmine Moorhead will give a talk/presentation: "This Is Not a Metaphor"; this talk will be a culmination of 7 years of Krowswork, which ends its material Oakland form at the end of this show. Gallery open from 6 on this day; talk at 7:30.

Thursday 12/22 from 9-12, closing donuts and coffee

This show brings together four artists whose work represents the palpable expression of a spiritual channel. Just as each of these artists has come to this manifestation of her art through a considered, devoted practice, be it meditation, sound, dreams, or intuitive seeing, these works are meant to be experienced in person over time. Their specific energy, which is derived from a place outside the self in each case, has taken tangible form through these artists' unique vision and is here to be transferred to you.

Come spend time with this work. Be healed. Be changed. That's what art is for


Fariba Bogzaran  

Fariba Bogzaran is an artist, professor, and a pioneer in the field of dream studies. Her work is fundamentally grounded in her lifelong research of dreams and the concept of lucid dreaming: the state of being conscious while dreaming.  The act of lucid dreaming allows for the construction of an unrestricted creative space where her body of work is generated.  Bogzaran declares: "Stepping out of the boxes of expectations, assumptions, a new level of consciousness is experienced and expressed. Whether by creating physical forms, or other means of creations, art becomes a way of life, undivided by the limitations of the mind."


Georgia Carbone Georgia Carbone is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates the topography of energetic experience. In her Praxis series, she engages the world outside the studio in a meditative dérive as though she were painting; highly attuned to the signals of her body, with heart and mind open to receive. Photographs and videos are produced as artifacts of moments of poetic encounter with object, sound, light, and landscape.

Yuh-Shioh: My paintings are entryways for people to experience their own healing and spirituality. They bring truth and balance, peace and beauty to the environment and serve to open the viewer to a realm that rests outside of words. I channel the energy of nature, my visions, and what I see. They are living objects that emanate and change with the light, and their full presence and magic is felt only when they are seen in person.


Chelsea Rushton

Chelsea Rushton: Vespers, Lauds, and Other Prayers began simply as Vespers (evening prayers) in November 2015. After a nightly body-focused yoga nidra meditation, I would get up and, disturbing myself mentally and physically as little as possible, start painting. I began the Vespers during a time of deep mental contraction, in which I had few, if any “visions”. The Vespers, therefore,were not about painting what I saw. Instead, I let my hands paint without thinking.

When my schedule allowed it, I began to practice yoga nidra in the mornings upon waking, and as a gateway into afternoon naps that I often need badly but have a hard time settling down for. As more space in my life cleared for rest, regeneration, nidra, and sleep, more space cleared in my mind for sankalpa, the intention-setting practice embedded in yoga nidra. I noticed that my paintings began to reflect the intentions I set in meditation, and I titled them accordingly. I see a subtle shift in these works, not toward representation or illustration, but toward clarity and cohesion. These new paintings remind me of and anchor me into the sankalpa I set in yoga nidra, tend to in sleep, and carry out with me into life. The voice of my intuition began to speak louder. If I could listen and respond, the voice would get clearer and easier to hear. A cycle was created. Vespers, Lauds, and Other Prayers marks a transition, the slow and careful awakening of my third eye from its own kind of deep and necessary sleep, before a new phase of creation.