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Liz Walsh: Everyone

Liz Walsh


opening April 5th; ***NEW CLOSING DATE: May 25th because the gallery will be closed for ARTPADSF on the weekend of May 17th and May 18th, with some of Walsh's work on view at the fair.



Krowswork is very pleased to present an expansive solo exhibition by Liz Walsh, with photographs, paintings, video, tapestry, and installation. Walsh's dark Pop aesthetic blends documentation of natural entropy and decay with indicators of human's attempts to keep that entropy at bay through celebrations of moments of vitality. Walsh embraces the fact of this messy (read: not rationally resolvable) situation because she understands that this messiness contains an inherent truth that shouldn't be shied away from or glossed over. Instead, she confidently holds all the parts together using humor and careful looking, with a constant view to the larger cosmic forces at work.

The bottom line for Walsh as she cheerfully navigates the situation is that everyone dies, and so too everyone lives. This is community on a universal scale - an undeniable connection not only among humans but the smallest microscopic organism to the stars, which in the final supernova stage offer all their energy back into the universe. More shinto and shamanistic than morbid, it is a presentation of art without pretense.

Liz Walsh is a Bay Area native, who now lives in Los Angeles. She studied painting at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and received her MFA at the California College of Arts and Crafts in 2003.

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