Sonja Hinrichsen & Chris Treggiari



on view January 6 - February 11, 2012

Krowswork is pleased to present The SFBay: A Mediamorphology, an exhibition collaboration by Sonja Hinrichsen and Chris Treggiari. These two artists, whose individual art practice exists outside the normal bounds of a studio and whose focus is on environment and community, collaborate for the first time to present an immersive media environment consisting of a sculptural installation, multiple video projections, audio collages, and two-dimensional works. The project addresses the geomorphological history of the San Francisco Bay, its rapid change due to the effects of man's development of the area, and contemplations of its future.

This work is a morphological study--in which the physical, linguistic, and social structure of the Bay is mapped and modeled through site-specific videos projected onto a built topography within the gallery spaces. The videos focus on different locations in Oakland and around the Bay and interweave walks through present-day neighborhoods with historic images and information, while the sculpture provides an armature that simulates in miniature the geography of the Bay Area itself. This intensive installation will enable viewers to viscerally experience the past, present, and future of the Bay and the layered history of this landscape. Complementing the installation, in the main gallery space the artists investigate future implications of transformation on the Bay Area through video and two-dimensional works.

The SFBay: A Mediamorphology asks its audience to reconsider the Bay and the impact it has had and continues to have on the daily lives of all who reside here, and reminds us of the importance of maintaining a palpable, living relationship to it and its spirit.

About the artists:

Sonja Hinrichsen

Sonja Hinrichsen's art/research projects examine urban industrial, and natural environments. She is interested in the intersection between place (city/
industrial areas or rural/natural environments) and human perception and utilization thereof, throughout history. In particular she finds herself drawn to local mythologies handed down through generations, such as the stories told by Native Americans, which carry invaluable information about alternative lifestyles in/with these environments. Although her projects often have a documentary-like character, they draw from a very personal focus as they base on my experiences and perceptions of places. Her work reaches beyond the mere beauty of art, in order to stimulate reflection and draw attention to subject matter our society neglects or denies, including adverse impacts to the natural environment, social inequality and injustice, and human exploitation.

Chris Treggiari

Chris Treggiari has spent a lot of time working with marginalized populations which has led him to eschew the art "establishment" in favor of public performances and installations that allow him to interact with a broader audience and the public space outside of the art institution. Much of his work also involves collaborations, often with non-profits, in which mobile stages are brought around San Francisco to create public events. These events highlight the groups while giving them exposure to a wide range of people throughout the city in a unique and refreshing way. Chris's work also often uses imagery from popular culture and common marketing techniques to give the viewer new information in a comfortable format that they can readily digest.