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OVERTURE: Krowswork Residency Preview and Shrine to Ganesha
Friday, February 6, 5-9 pm; Saturday, February 7, 1-5 pm

Please join us for an Overture of Krowswork's year of programming, with works by or selected by each of the 2015 Krowswork Residents.

Director Jasmine Moorhead has both reimagined and returned to the roots of Krowswork's mission with this year, year six of Krowswork. This exhibition will give just a small taste of the feel of what is to come this year at Krowswork, a center for video and visionary art.

Work by: Anne Lesley Selcer, Duane Deterville, Lowell Darling selected by Tanya Zimbardo, Paloma Modupe, Alan Clark, Malidoma Collective, Torsten Zenas Burns + Darrin Martin, The Estate of Mark Baum, Shalo P, Sonya Rapoport with Farley Gwazda, and Mary Hull Webster.

Additionally, this weekend will serve as an onsite pledge center for Krowswork's ongoing Kickstarter campaign, which will help sustain Krowswork's experimental programming for another year.

To give thanks, there will be also be a shrine to Ganesha, the Indian god with the visage of an elephant, known as the remover of obstacles with work by Robert B, Veronica De Jesus, Carrie Hott, Eileen Starr Moderbacher, and Paloma Modupe.

I hope you will join us for this special weekend event.

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