You Must Change Your Life*You Must Change Your Life Images

Krowswork is pleased to present You Must Change Your Life,
a 3-weekend Performance Art Salon.

The festival schedule is as follows:

Weekend 1: JULY 6-7 (Fri & Sat): SURROGATE BODIES:

--Laura ZUSPAN : With the Fever; A Sort of Kindly Oxygen
performance/dinner party and installation

Laura Zuspan

--Jen COHEN : [#zentaiالقدسburqaאללהvoodooセックスritual2.0\n]
live performance with live video feed

Jen Cohen

--Liesa LIETZKE : Growth (Polypolis) & In My Mouth
two interactive works

Liesa Lietzke

****performances 6-9 pm on First Friday; residuals on Saturday****

Weekend 2:July 14-15 (Sat & Sun): DOUBLE BODIES:

****performances 7 pm on Sat (repeated twice) followed by film by O'Daniel at 9; performances encore 4 pm on Sunday****

--Hannah & Amy BUCKLEY : Negotiations of Space: And time future contained in time past
live dance performance with Skype video performance projection; with accompanying installation and photographs on view

Hannah & Amy Buckley

--DOUBLE ZERO : A Letter a Year Later
facilitated interaction

Double Zero

--Daniel KONHAUSER & Maxine MOERMAN : Spoonfed
live dance performance featuring Laura Marsh, with accompanying video

Daniel Konhauser & Maxine Moerman

--Alison O'DANIEL : Night Sky
experimental, narrative feature film directed by with live musical accompaniment by Psychic Handbook

Alison O'Daniel

Night Sky is a 75-minute feature length narrative film that enacts a sensory experience on the bodies of the viewers with live accompaniment and parallel, overlapping stories: two girls–Cleo and Jay–travel through the desert while a group of contestants compete in a dance marathon. Sound travels between locations through a hula-hoop window hanging unnoticed in the midst of the marathon contestants and simultaneously in the desert air. This performance emphasizes music within the film by Lucky Dragons, Evelyn Glennie and musician Psychic Handbook (Alejandro Archuleta) and friends will accompany the film with a live soundtrack. 

Weekend 3:July 20-21 (Fri & Sat): WRITTEN BODIES:

--Paloma MODUPE : The Writer
gallery-wide painting performance

--George Killingsworth & Hal Hughes : Beckett Bits: Rough for Theatre 1, Molloy Rock Sucking Strategy, Hamm Rehearses His Endgame
Beckett plays in the round

--Zach HOUSTON : "On Poetry"
spontaneous poems

--’Lectric Collective : You Must Change Your Life

****performances 7 pm on Friday****


*title of the show comes from:

Torso of an Archaic Apollo
by Rainer Maria Rilke

Never will we know his fabulous head
where the eyes' apples slowly ripened. Yet
his torso glows: a candelabrum set
before his gaze which is pushed back and hid,

restrained and shining. Else the curving breast
could not thus blind you, nor through the soft turn
of the loins could this smile easily have passed
into the bright groins where the genitals burned.

Else stood this stone a fragment and defaced,
with lucent body from the shoulders falling,
too short, not gleaming like a lion's fell;

nor would this star have shaken the shackles off,
bursting with light, until there is no place
that does not see you. You must change your life.

Translated by C. F. MacIntyre