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an evolving exhibition and residency taking place April 22-June 4, 2016


The Three Fates were the weavers of the threads of destiny. They were outside of time and not subject to the Gods' will.


This exhibition/residency represents a clearing of space and an announcement of a new destiny, woven by three artists on their own terms. Each is dealing more or less directly with healing in her work: a repairing of trauma through ritualized art space and practice, a radical reimagining and reimaging of what is possible for the natural world and our relationship to it, and a reclaiming of all parts of the female, who has historically been parted out by the patriarchal systems, into a single, powerful whole.






Using classic Feminist texts for bibliomancy, Monet will divinate for each individual who participates in the performance. Drawing on her role in THE FATES residency as THE CUTTER, for each individual she’ll be instigating the death of an old paradigm and its corresponding taboos, and the beginning of the the new. Applying her skills of intuition she'll expound on each person's unique divined message, with a focus on internalized sexism. Each reading will follow with a healing to balance their male/female aspects, utilizing a flower essence remedy she's prepared specifically for the performance.  

KALLY WILLIAMS: NATURE MAKEOVERS -- throughout the evening

On First Friday throughout the evening, Kally will be facilitating "Nature Makeovers" allowing people to settle down in the space and, using supplies she provides, be adorned in plant and mineral elements. She will photograph the  transformation. These Nature Makeovers are meant to be playful, hopeful, and grounding, and they emphasize the sweet side of aligning with nature around us and our part in it.   

The Spinner: Nicole Shaffer

Nicole Shaffer

Nicole holds a BFA in sculpture from the California College of the Arts, is a former resident of Vermont Studio Center and Stonehouse Residency for the Contemporary Arts, and co-founded The Hatchery Art Spaces. Her work navigates the intersection between ecological and sexual trauma, with particular interest in the sensorial disconnect that challenges human coexistence with the land and fosters an atmosphere of violence. Her installations serve as a site for embodied interaction.

In her time in the gallery, Nicole will be creating a total environment that includes sculptural elements, installation, dance, and olfactory experiences through sagebrush. She will also be doing outside performances that will be recorded and projected into the space. Nicole is interested in creating portals which connect the human consciousness to its animal and vegetal counterparts, opening a wider, more fluid understanding of what is real and possible.

"There's a question that I don't understand yet in this work... It has to do with humans (and all sentient things) being something akin to a psyche of the earth. I can see how what I manifest is an embodiment of my/the collective psyche, but since I am one with all life, how is my psyche/body/manifestations the earth's? I can feel and become parts of her in a way that feels like becoming or almost shapeshifting... that feeling of being connected. So then, what is self destruction, what is creation, what is violence?" -NS







The Measurer: Kally Williams

Kally Williams

Kally is an Oakland based multimedia artist working with themes of nature, species and habitat through the medium of collage painting and photography. Drawing inspiration from the deserts and woodlands in California, her work hopes to raise awareness of local species, focusing not only on their beauty but on their plight. Chinese medicine, feng shui, herbal studies, and meditation inform her practice.

During her residency Kally will be creating a number of new collages, sculptures, and creating an altar space that forges an alliance between ritual and activism, as well as health and spiritual healing. Her work focuses also on a concern for all animals as a reflection of human wholeness and wellness.

"My study at the moment looks something like this:
What ways of connecting in ritual are meaningful to me?

How can I incorporate sweetness/intention into the work
itself, so that there is the intention of healing and balance throughout? To make the work most alive...

How does this artistic inquiry become incorporated into my life beyond the gallery? 

And lastly how can I best affect change and answer this internal calling, this desire for balance in the natural world."
- KW


The Cutter: Monet Clark

Monet Clark

Monet’s mediums include performance/video, photography, performance art, and more. Her semi-autobiographical characters are influenced by the media and subculture, and are cast into contrasting cultural iconographies. Interested in the ritual aspect of art as a means for transmutation, her pieces are raw and honest, wickedly humorous and hold a powerful intimacy. 

For her residency, Monet has immersed herself in the completion of her latest video work, Bunny Girl. This piece follows in the spirit of her previous performance vignettes that take a wry and wide view of women's self image whilst they navigate social stereotypes. Bunny Girl, however, is an experimental narrative in which Monet's character performs in sweeping landscapes, driven by the current state of our planet's eco-systems and social unrest. Bunny Girl conflates an eroticized Playboy "bunny" with the animal of the same name, tying in the link between environmental degradation and the suppression of the feminine. This work  maps a range of bodily and spiritual awareness that women both suffer and thrive under, in an evolving earth consciousness that nonetheless is blossoming in the face of attack.

"Any real quest for enlightenment is a dark and dirty business full of suffering as you unbind layers, that lighten you up as you go. The yin and the yang are parts of the same whole. And to me EVERYTHING is spiritual and life in all its dimensions is a constant practice. I’ve walked this edge in my work and my life for a long time." - MC

THE FATES is the second of two Preludes to a four-month residency cycle that will begin in June.